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Outdatedreferences's podcast

Jan 18, 2021

This week, Russ, Adam, Coral, and Nathan discuss the insurrection at the US Capital, games we been playing, artwork style in Comics, Manhwa, Manga and webcomics, then we moved to the main discussion of Season 3 Finale of Star Trek Discovery.  Eventually Jeremy shows up to add his 2 pence. 


Apple Podcast

Jan 11, 2021

This week, the full crew is on and we talk about family names, twisted teas, stimulus checks, Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 11 & 12, plus our reaction to Wonder Woman 1984 in this spoiler filled podcast. 


Apple Podcast

Jan 2, 2021

If you are ever curious about what two brothers talk about on their own time, then here you go. We talk about each other's Christmas day, eventually chatting about everything from Star Trek, Dragon Ball Z, Star Wars and back to Star Trek, because we are sci-fi geeks.  It was fun to just let loose and just banter with...