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Outdatedreferences's podcast

Dec 8, 2016

This week we have Adam, Russ, Jeremy and Nathan chatting about FOOD!!! And after food talk we talk about our dream scenario where Marvel Studios getting back all of their licenses. Sigh. All in all everyone was in a great mood and I hope you enjoy our weekly tomfoolery.



Dec 7, 2016

This week it’s Russ and me chatting about TV, the joys and pains of trying to get family to watch your favorite shows and what I love about Babylon 5. Basically it's me and Russ shooting the shit about whatever popped into our heads this week. Oh yeah, the election results didn't go our way....

Dec 6, 2016

This week we are chatting with Russ, Jeremy and me (Nathan!) You get to hear Russell not understand what “diversify“ means and we argue about the minutia about what makes Skyrim NOT an MMO, besides, you know, being massive yet not being multiplayer nor online… whatever. Then somehow we end up with some comic talk...

Dec 5, 2016

This week you can here me chat about falling into the retro hi-fi hobby hard was everyone else just points, laugh, and everyone calling me a hipster. (sigh) At least we talk about Russ’ film trailers. Also, you get to listen to an excited Indians fans with the hopes and dreams of a World Series Wins. T__T

We talk...

Oct 19, 2016


So we chat about TV and games that was special enough to retain our short attention span. Then I get made fun of because of my recent obsession. Then we chat a about a topic that NEVER comes up, sports. Yeah, it's a weird episode this...