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Outdatedreferences's podcast

Sep 19, 2023

My one and only frustration with Star Wars Ashoka is the lack of any information about Baylan Skoll. I want to know more but the show has other ideas. Whatever, it's still a fun show to talk about it with Russ, Adam and Nathan. 



Sep 12, 2023

Shifting gears over to Star Wars, Russ, Adam, & Nathan kind of geek out about "Ahsoka" being the 5th Season of one of our favorite shows, Star Wars Rebels. We talk about our hopes and excitement about this series and we pray they will stick the landing...


Sep 7, 2023

Right off the bat, Russ, Adam, and Nathan talks about the summer blockbuster films and how Barbie is better than all of them. We actually have some comic book talk but mainly we get right into the BIG topic of the week, the last two episodes of Star Trek Strange New Worlds and how much it's better than DISCO. (Sorry,...

Sep 5, 2023

This week, Russ, Adam, and Nathan chat about how freaking awesome Street Fighter 6 is and we have the fighter fever, even having to work around the annoyances of modern gaming. We even talk about our favorite "Community" episode that you currently no longer watch on streaming...

But hey, what we most cared about was...

Aug 31, 2023

We are right in the middle of the writers and actor strike and we are making our plans to dole out foreign shows to keep us entertain as we support the strike.

Lucky for us we have Marvel's Secret Invasion and Star Trek Strange New Worlds to keep us entertained. (for now)