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Outdatedreferences's podcast

Jul 16, 2024

Russ and Nathan are doing a 2 man show on Father's Day aka Nathan's actual birthday.  Wishing Adam and all the Father's out there a good Dad Day as we chat about Dragon Ball Super and a bunch of anime we are just into at the moment. We eventually get to the main topic of the newest Star Wars show:

The Acolyte

We dig it...

Jun 18, 2024

Russ, Adam, and Nathan gathered to talk about comic book collecting and I'm just enjoying Russ & Adam their viewing of "Young Sheldon," of all shows. Then Adam does his critique of the recent "The Garfield Movie." But our main focus is the Series ending to Star Trek Discovery. Are we all in agreeance with this volatile...

Jun 14, 2024

Its the unofficial start of summer and I'm scrambling to get caught up with the backlogs, so this week Adam, Russ and Nathan discuss out thoughts on the X-Men 97 finale and Star Trek Discovery episodes leading up to their Series finale. 


May 14, 2024

Russ, Adam, and Nathan gather this week to talk about the Series Conclusion of Star Wars Bad Batch, bask in the glory of X-Men 97,  we celebrate our love of Tilly in Star Trek Discovery, and more we want more Fallout!


May 7, 2024

Russ, Adam, and Nathan catch up on Star Trek Discovery, Bad Batch, X-Men 97 and then Russ and Nathan covers Invincible and Fallout. Oh, Adam got a new dog, her name is Luna!