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Outdatedreferences's podcast

Dec 23, 2022

This week will be our final episode for this year, as we all hunker down for the upcoming holiday season. So please enjoy this episode as we talk about all of the new trailers, talk about the current status of Las Vegas, argue about a Japanese guy not knowing who is Batman... We are all over the place this week,...

Dec 15, 2022

It's after Thanksgiving, we are full of turkey and shared our American holiday experiences and our favorite dishes. Of course, it wouldn't be the Outdated References podcast unless we argue about casseroles. After we overcame our turkey comas, we talk about the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and more Star Trek...

Nov 23, 2022

This week, Adam, Russ and Nathan get into some comic and some politicking talk before then we move onto some Star Trek Prodigy & Andor spoiler talk. Russ chastised the Bias Bros for not watching Wakanda Forever on opening weekend and we kind of laughed about Twitter.  



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Nov 17, 2022

Russ, Adam, and I actually got to talk about some games we’ve been playing and then we got into our usual spoiler talk for over 2.5 hours!?  The list is long so here’s a quick rundown:

“Werewolf by Night” 

“Tales of the Jedi” 


“House of Dragon Finale” 

“Star Trek Prodigy”

“Star Trek...

Oct 27, 2022

This week, we have Russ and Nathan talking about House of the Dragons, Andor, Star Trek: Lower Decks, and She-Hulk. And in the middle of all that we actually get to chat a bit about some new and old Anime we are currently into at this moment. Weird, I know. So come on down and relax, as we just gush over some...